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Promoting and protecting affordability, accessibility and engaging golf course architecture at municipal golf courses throughout the United States of America.


Our first project is focused on the extraordinary opportunity to improve the golf courses and enhance the facilities at the three municipal courses in our nation’s capital: East Potomac, Langston, and Rock Creek. Each one of these sites has a rich and storied history, but are not currently living up to their full potential.




Restoring and rehabilitating the public golf courses in our nation’s capital is a once-in-a-generation opportunity that aligns precisely with the mission of National Links Trust. We are committed to implement a course of action that honors the past and ensures a bright future for these national treasures.



National Links Trust has assembled a team with proven success at the highest levels of golf design and development. Our team has a deep understanding of the importance of history, the profound impact this project could have on the community, and the financial consequences of getting it right.

Our team’s expertise spans fundraising, development, agronomy, construction, maintenance, facilities management and economic modeling for the future.

At our core, we’re golfers, which means we have a great amount of respect for the game and what it can be for everyone.


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These golf courses all have unique and compelling histories that will be celebrated, and all deserve a sensitive restoration that returns them to what they once set out to be - shining examples of engaging golf course architecture coupled with easy and affordable access —-- what municipal golf can and should be.


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