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Golf of the people

by the people

and for the people

Surrounded on three sides by the brackish remnants of the Chesapeake and settled inconspicuously in the heart of our Nation's capital, sits an extraordinary strip of land known as East Potomac Park. This narrow peninsula is home to just one of the three golfing properties within the boundaries of Washington, D.C.. It, along with Langston and Rock Creek, all part of the National Park System, were designed with a singular purpose in mind: to provide a space for sport and leisure of the utmost quality that would serve as the preeminent example of egalitarian recreation for all other American municipalities to follow. 

These affordable golf complexes are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of golfers each year and lay claim to an unsurpassed public facility architectural pedigree and cultural heritage.

With three properties of variable intrigue, popular driving ranges and a welcoming social atmosphere, the golf courses of Washington, D.C. are a melting pot for the region's golf enthusiasts, frequented daily by individuals from every single walk of life. 

And so we begin this Links Trust, a simple project with three monumental undertakings:

1) Protect the course from ill-conceived and ill-fated plans that would destroy the egalitarian fabric and forever ruin the affordable nature of these cherished properties

2) Provide educational and enlightening resources to more clearly paint the picture of East Potomac, Langston and Rock Creek’s original intent, their historical significance and their greater role as the stander bearer of municipal golf in this country

3) Put forth a workable and sustainable roadmap that someday may be followed to resurrect the architectural significance of the courses and restore the property's exemplary design originally mandated of these National treasures

It is for these reasons, and many more, that we motion East Potomac has been, should be and will forever be known as ...

America's Course

[East Potomac] certainly cannot be surpassed. It lies between the Potomac river and a tidal basin out of that river. On the one side rise the green hills of Virginia, on the other side only a mile and half away are the capitol and the library of congress and nearer and to the north are the Washington monument and from certain points the most beautiful and magnificent buildings around Washington can be seen.