Our Mission

To Promote:


Affordable golf


By its very definition, municipal golf should be available to everyone. However, just because it is available, does not necessarily mean it’s accessible. True accessibility means reaching out to the community beyond the typical core golfers. Removing barriers to entry for anyone who has an interest in the game through youth programs, clinics and various initiatives to draw more community participation regardless of means or ability. Making the community as much a part of the golf course as the golf course is of the community is the key to a successful project.

Engaging Architecture

Engaging architecture is the most compelling reason to play, and more importantly, re-play a golf course. Compelling architecture, as opposed to penal, one-dimensional design, draws people to the game and keeps them coming back. Instead of punishing the golfer, it provides challenge commensurate with his or her skill level. The better player is challenged by the placement of hazards guarding the ideal angles to the green while the higher handicap player is given plenty of room to maneuver. In the words of architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie, “the ideal hole is surely one that affords the greatest pleasure to the greatest number, gives the fullest advantage for accurate play, stimulates players to improve their game, and never becomes monotonous.”

accomplishing our mission:

Our goal is to raise a significant fund that will be used to restore, preserve or create architecturally significant municipal golf courses reflecting our belief that compelling golf courses are essential to keeping the interest of golfers and in bringing new golfers to the sport. Helping communities cover the cost of improvements to their course and facilities, will help keep the game affordable and accessible to all who are interested in enjoying the game.